New Materials


These new books have recently been added to the Library holdings.

RSS [view as HTML] All subjects
RSS [view as HTML] Business and Economics
RSS [view as HTML] Education 
RSS [view as HTML] Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Music
RSS [view as HTML] General Reference and Interdisciplinary Works
RSS [view as HTML] History, Biography, and Genealogy
RSS [view as HTML] Language and Literature
RSS [view as HTML] Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Technology, and Agriculture
RSS [view as HTML] Philosophy and Religion
RSS [view as HTML] Political Science, Government, and Law
RSS [view as HTML] Social Sciences

Books are assigned to feeds on the basis on the classification system used to create their call numbers. Items without call numbers, such as most eBooks, will not appear in the feeds.

Firefox users: if you need to disable Live Bookmarks, go to Tools > Options > Applications. In the Content column, find Web Feed and change its action to "Preview in Firefox."

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