Help with Research


The University of Winnipeg Library aims to support student and Faculty excellence in Research.  As well as providing access to books, articles, and more, the Library provides help and assistance with how to perform and present research.

Research/Subject Guides

Don't know where to begin?  These research guides are collections of some of the most useful books, databases, and other resources in each subject area.  They also contain help and tips on citation styles for each particular area of study, and much more!  How-to guides are also available for using e-Books, finding data and statistics, doing graduate research, and more.

Planning Your Research

Learn more about the first steps to doing research, getting organized, and avoiding plagiarism

Searching for Sources

Need sources for a paper or research assignment? Searching the Library is the best way to find them, and here we show you the basics, as well as more advanced search tips.

Academic and Peer-Reviewed Sources

Learn how to evaluate the quality of a source, and assess whether it is an approproiate academic source.

Subject Librarians

There is a Librarian for every subject - find yours, and get in touch with them!

Citation Management

The Library has numerous resources for you to collect and organize your citations, as well as learn more about the different styles.

Research Tools

Apps and other neat tools that can help you with your research.

Research Assistance

We provide in-person and virtual assistance/training for Library services.  Our Reference Desk is a place where you can get research questions answered, so please feel free to stop by or call.  Starting September 2017, the Library will operate a virtual reference service during normal weekday business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). Click the “Help – Chat” widget on any of our library pages to chat with a living, breathing library staff member.  As well, we are happy to arrange in-person appointments for detailed research questions with both students and Faculty.  We also offer instruction services, where we teach critical information literacy skills to students.