Ready Set Go


Ready Set Go is a series of workshops to help new students get started doing academic research in the library. Learn about the different information sources available in the collections and how to find and use this information to write academic research papers.

All workshops occur in the library from 12:30-1:00 PM on the dates listed. Click on the workshop name to register for any or all of the workshops below:

Getting Started at the Library (multiple dates: September 3,4,5,10,11,12)

There are a few key things to take care of early in the term, including computer passwords, WIFI access, and printing. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the library spaces and services that will serve you well throughout your time at UofW. Come join the librarians for a quick introduction to the library and get started on the right foot.

Understanding Your Research Assignments (September 18)

No two assignments are exactly alike. A research paper is a unique balance of grading criteria, topic, style, and academic sources. Our first session will show you how to analyze your assignment requirements and start building a great paper early, so you have plenty of time to binge -watch Netflix over the weekend.

About Citing and Referencing Sources (September 25)

All good research borrows from other sources and your research paper should be no exception. But borrowing another writer's ideas without providing a proper reference is academically dishonest. Come learn the basic principles of citing and referencing your sources so that you can be sure you're doing honest work. 

Understanding the Scholarly Article (October 9)

Most university research papers will require you to use academic sources, but if you're new to academic research, reading a scholarly article can seem a bit daunting. Join us in the library for basic overview of scholarly articles. What is their purpose? Why are they important? How can you wade through a sea of academic jargon and get to good stuff?

Selecting and Exploring a Research Topic (October 23)

Love your dog, not your essay topic. Quality research topics have a depth of coverage that can easily be explored. This session will teach you strategies for quickly identifying an interesting topic based on a sufficient body of academic sources.

Developing Your Search Strategies (November 6)

Modern search services like Google are designed to retrieve what's popular, not what's relevant. In this session, you'll learn how to construct thoughtful searches so that you can find those 3-5 academic sources your professor is asking for. 

Selecting and Summarizing Sources (November 20)

Sources matter. The more time you spend developing a list of quality sources, the less time you'll need to actually write your research paper. This session will show you techniques to help you find the best sources for your needs, as well as how to summarize the sources main ideas for inclusion in your paper.