Subject Librarians


The Library's subject librarians (who are also collection managers) may be contacted by students requesting a research consultation appointment, and by faculty members for collection development purposes.

Undergraduate Departments and Programs Subject Librarian
Aboriginal Governance (See Indigenous Studies) Michael Dudley
Anthropology Ian Fraser
Applied Computer Science Dee Wallace
Bioanthropology Dee Wallace
Biochemistry Dee Wallace
Biology Dee Wallace
Biopsychology Joshua Herter
Business and Administration Michael Hohner
Chemistry Dee Wallace
Classics (Greek and Roman Studies) Christine Hoeppner
Computer Science (see Applied Computer Science) Dee Wallace
Conflict Resolution Studies Ian Fraser
Criminal Justice Joshua Herter
Dance Program Michael Dudley
Developmental Studies Ian Fraser
Disability Studies Michael Dudley
East Asian Languages and Cultures Joshua Herter
Economics Michael Hohner
Economics and Finance Michael Hohner
Education Ian Fraser
English Emma Hill Kepron
Environmental Studies and Sciences Dee Wallace
French Studies Michael Hohner
Geography Ian Fraser
German-Canadian Studies Michael Hohner
German Studies Michael Hohner
History Michael Dudley
History of Art Michael Dudley
Human Rights Ian Fraser
Indigenous Studies (formerly Aboriginal Governance) Michael Dudley
Interdisciplinary Linguistics Michael Hohner
International Development Studies Ian Fraser
Italian Studies Michael Hohner
Kinesiology and Applied Health Dee Wallace
Mathematics and Statistics Dee Wallace
Mennonite Studies Michael Dudley
Modern Languages and Literatures Michael Hohner
Philosophy Christine Hoeppner
Physics Dee Wallace
Political Science Michael Dudley
Portuguese Studies Michael Hohner
Psychiatric Nursing (Collaborative program with Brandon University) Joshua Herter
Psychology Joshua Herter
Religion and Culture (formerly Religious Studies) Joshua Herter
Rhetoric and Communications Ian Fraser
Sociology Joshua Herter
Spanish Studies Michael Hohner
Statistics (see Mathematics and Statistics) Dee Wallace
Theatre and Film Michael Dudley
Urban and Inner-City Studies Michael Dudley
Women's and Gender Studies Emma Hill Kepron
Graduate Programs
Master of Arts in Cultural Studies Emma Hill Kepron
Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance Michael Dudley
Master of Arts in Environmental, Resource, and Development Economics (ERDE) Michael Hohner
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Joshua Herter
Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and Society Dee Wallace
Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy Dee Wallace
Master's in Development Practice: Indigenous Development Michael Dudley
Masters in Management: Technology, Innovation and Operations Michael Hohner
Master of Arts (Theology) M.A. Joshua Herter
Master of Marriage and Family Therapy Joshua Herter
Joint Masters Program in History Michael Dudley
Joint Masters Program in Public Administration Michael Dudley
Joint Masters Program in Religious Studies Joshua Herter
Joint Masters Program in Peace and Conflict Studies Ian Fraser
Other Programs
Music Michael Dudley
PACE Ian Fraser