Library Subscription Review Project

Thu. Aug. 25, 2016

In April the Senate Library Committee held a Library Users’ Group meeting in which the Library presented the Subscription Review Project. More information about this project is now available at This website will be continually updated for the duration of the project and is a move towards greater transparency, collaboration, and evidence-based decision making around the library resources we license.

Due to inflationary pressures and currency exchange our current subscription holdings are increasingly difficult to sustain, and our spending must be managed in order to balance our budget and allow for new products/material in the future. The project’s goal is to ensure that every subscription up for renewal undergoes careful consideration and evaluation before being renewed. This will allow us to reduce our costs by cancelling under-used subscriptions, subscriptions that are not cost-effective or overlap substantially with our other resources. By taking this more focused approached it is hoped that we will build and strengthen our collections in order to meet UW’s current and future teaching, learning and research needs.

As part of this move toward greater transparency and collaboration, the Senate Library Committee will be re-instituting the Senate Advisory Committee on the Library (SACOL), which will meet once per term beginning in September. A meeting date will be set with Library Department reps shortly.