WinnSpace Institutional Repository


WinnSpace is the University of Winnipeg's institutional repository (IR).

WinnSpace allows the UofW community to:

  • Digitally collect and preserve our community’s intellectual output
  • Centralize, and make accessible the knowledge generated by our academic institution to show our research strengths
  • Increase our research impact by making results available to the public
  • Standardize our research results in a way that can be searched across global systems of institutional repositories

Our IR was initially established in 2004. It was called eCommons and used ePrints. Since 2010, the repository has been called WinnSpace and uses DSpace. The new repository has many features including:

  • Integration with WorldCat, a federated catalogue used by many leading academic institutions globally
  • Handle, a component that provides a digital object identifier (DOI) for more persistent linking to material
  • Articles by faculty members at the University of Winnipeg
  • Recent theses by graduate and undergraduate students and select retrospective theses.
  • Diverse digital collections and the potential for accepting research data and other digital content 

For more information about WinnSpace, please contact