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Library Departments

Administration and Strategic Support
Gabrielle Prefontaine
Dean of the Library; Acting Director, Oral History Centre
204.786.9488 | 4CM03
Emma Hill Kepron
Associate Dean of the Library; Acting Head of Systems
204.786.9445 | 4CM04
Janice Reyes-Bain
Operational Support Assistant
204.786.9917 | 4C10
Joshua J. Herter
Assessment and Communications Librarian
204.789.4198 | 4CM03A
Access Services
Lauren McGaw
Librarian, Head of Access Services
204.789.4256 | 4C15B
Laura Butler
Circulation Supervisor
204.786.9456 | 4C14
Melanie O'Leary
Assistant Circulation Supervisor & Reserves Coordinator
204.786.9809 | 4C10
Chris Read
Evening Supervisor, Circulation
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Linda Fontaine
Weekend Supervisor, Circulation
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Tim Allen
Reference & Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C14
Chris Mailloux
Reference & Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C10
Nicola Donovan
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Tara Glowacki
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Laurie Lam
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Iris Lovelace
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Sharon Lowe
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Lisa Portelli
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Shawn Simpson
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Greg Weigeldt
Circulation Assistant
204.786.9808 | 4C13
Sydney Nicholauson
Access & User Engagement Assistant
204.786.9814 | 4C10
Jason Michael
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
204.786.9814 | 4C10
Pam Sanford
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
204.786.9814 | 4C10
Acquisitions, Collections, and Metadata
Christine Hoeppner
Librarian, Head of Acquisitions and eResources
204.786.9759 | 4C05
Lisa Bell
Library Acquisitions Supervisor
204.786.9928 | 4C10
Nashit Farooqui
Library Acqusitions Assistant
204.786.9806 | 4C10
Karly Swain
eResources Technician
204.786.9806 | 4C10
Michael Hohner
Librarian, Head of Collections
204.786.9812 | 4C06
Daniel Mathen
Collections Assistant
204.786.9803 | 4C10
Maricris Salanga
Stacks Maintenance Assistant
204.786.9803 | 4C10
Dee Wallace
Librarian, Head of Metadata
204.786.9018 | 4C07
Katie Kilgour
Metadata and Donations Assistant
204.786.9961 4C10
Archives and Cultural Collections
Brett Lougheed
University Archivist and Digital Curator;
Director, Oral History Centre (on leave)
Corser du Pont
Acting University Archivist and Digital Curator
204.786.9914 | 5C01
Daniel Matthes
Archives Public Service Coodinator
204.786.9810 | 5C02
Tanya Wiegand
Archives Assistant
204.786.9162 | 5C02
Jennifer Gibson 
University Art Curator
204.786.9253 | 4C35B
Val McKinley
Anthropology Museum Curator
204.786.9282 | 4CM16
Amanda McLeod
Anthropology Museum Curator
204.258.3046 | 4CM02B
Jodi Schmidt
Anthropology Museum Technician
204.786.9719 | 4C38
Kimberley Moore
Program Coordinator, Oral History Centre
204.258.3090 | 2B24
Kent Davies
Audio Technician, Oral History Centre
204.258.3809 | 2B05
Reference, Instruction, and Outreach
Ian Fraser
Librarian, Head of Reference and Instruction
204.786.9813 | 4C11
Marika Prokosh
Reference Supervisor
204.786.9871 | 4C10
Danielle Bitz
Indigenous Engagement Librarian
204.258.3889 | 4C09
Michael Dudley
Community Outreach Librarian
204.982.1145 | 4C08
Research, Scholarship, and Data Support
Brianne Selman
Scholarly Communications and Copyright Librarian
204.786.9940 | 5C02C
Jaime Orr
Research Data Management Librarian
204.786.9035 | 4CM03B
Jenna Barachuk-Modha
Copyright Assistant
204.786.9802 | 5C02
John Dobson
Scholarly Communications Specialist
204.786.9919 | 5C02
Emma Hill Kepron
Associate Dean of the Library; Acting Head of Systems
204.786.9945 | 4CM04
Mark Jenkins
Library Systems Technologist
204.786.9807 | 4C15D
Joffrey Abainza
Library Systems Assistant
204.786.9259 | 4C15D
Peter Tran
Library Systems Assistant
204.786.9390 | 4C15D
Sara Radshirazi
Library Systems Assistant
204.786.9494 | 4C15D