Media Collection


Media Collection

The media collection currently numbers more than 1500 videocassettes, 1900 DVDs, and 150 sound recordings. DVDs are regularly acquired and added to the collection. Complete lists of DVDs and Videos held in the Library's collection are available in the classic catalogue, and can be resorted as desired. DVDs that have recently been added to the collection can be found using the New Video search tool.

Most of the media collection can be borrowed and used outside of the Library by faculty and students. External borrowers can borrow items from the media collection for in-library use only. For further information on loan periods see the Borrowing, Renewing, and Requesting Material page. Videos can be booked for classroom or personal use by following the instructions on the Booking Videos page.

Users may view videos at specially-equipped designated carrels which are located on the fifth floor of the Library, along the outside north wall of the Periodicals Back (PB) Issues Area.

Although classrooms are equipped to play DVDs, in order to show a videocassette, faculty may need to contact Media Services at to arrange for the necessary VCR equipment to be delivered to the classroom.

Videocassettes or DVDs that can be shown in the classroom either have been purchased with public performance rights or are licensed for use through agreements.