Library Instruction


1) In-person Instruction

2) Online Learning

In-person Instruction

In addition to the Help with Research pages, the library is pleased to offer hands-on and in-class instruction to guide students in the rudiments of academic library research. Instructors may request workshops in the Library (max. 30 students) or in their classroom. Workshops can run anywhere from 15 minutes to multiple classes, depending on the content.

To arrange a library instruction workshop, please complete the library instruction request form or contact the subject librarian in your field.

Workshops may include, but are not limited to:

  • touring the library
  • selecting and refining a research topic
  • accessing print and electronic books
  • using databases to find journal articles
  • identifying scholarly sources
  • evaluating online content
  • citing and referencing sources

If requested, the librarians are happy to cover additional subject-specific topics. More detailed workshops might include:

  • using specific databases (e.g. ARTstor, MLA Bibliography, eHRAF, etc.)
  • organizing sources using bibliographic management applications (Refworks, Mendeley, or Zotero)
  • following trends in the scholarly publishing industry
  • submitting articles for publication in journals
  • accessing government/NGO publications
  • finding data and statistics
  • using the archives to find primary sources
  • and other topics that you and your librarian can work together on

Online Learning 

If you are running an online course or if your course features significantly within the Nexus learning management system, you may wish to include elements of library instuction online. Use the link below to download the most recent package of library instruction pages for Nexus. Once you have the file, you can import all or some of the pages into your course. Feel free to move and re-order the content to fit the needs of the class. Please re-add the files each semester, as significant updates may have occured.

Download Library Pages for Nexus

You may also wish to have a librarian embedded in your online course. To do this, go to the Classlist and click Add Participants -> Add Existing Users. Here you can search for your librarian by name. Make sure you are adding a librarian and not a student with the same name (hint: librarians have no Org Defined IDs). Select the Librarian Role to give all the necessary permissions. Please consult with the librarian in advance to determine the appropriate level of involvement. 

nexus embed librarian