Noise Policy Reminder

Fri. Mar. 17, 2017

As the term enters exam period, we would like to remind all Library patrons of the Library noise policy.  Please be mindful of your own noise levels to ensure a comfortable and respectful study environment for everyone.

The 5th floor is divided into three noise zones to ensure students are getting a study environment that best suits their needs.  Want to study amongst friends and maybe have a quiet conversation?  The area at the top of the spiral stairs is our Collaborative Zone and will be perfect for you.  Are you the type that doesn’t mind a little background buzz?  The Quiet Zone is a whispers-only individual study space.  Need absolute silence?  Venture deeper into the Library to find our Silent Zone.  There’s a space for everyone at the Library.

See the map below for more details.  Best of luck during exams!

Library Sound Zones