What is UWinnipeg Dataverse?

UWinnipeg Dataverse is a research data repository for our faculty, students, and staff. Files are held in a secure environment on Canadian servers. Researchers can choose to make content available publicly, to specific individuals, or to keep it locked.

UWinnipeg Library provides access to the Dataverse platform via the National Scholars Portal Dataverse Network.


Why Use UWinnipeg Dataverse?

  • Secure data management. Dataverse supports the creation of terms of use and restrictions if you want to limit the use of or access to data. It also provides a backup copy for safekeeping.​
  • Effective sharing. Dataverse is a convenient way to disseminate your data, and can facilitate your research team’s collaboration within a secure space.​
  • Track changes. Dataverse provides file version control for managing changes to a project without overwriting any part of that project, an especially useful feature when working on a team.​
  • Long-term access and preservation. Persistent identification and normalization of your data ensures reliable access and prevention from data obsolescence.
  • Organization and compatibility. Create your own personal web data archive that conforms to international data standards to maximize system compatibility and searchability.​
  • Save time. Dataverse has an easy to use interface for uploading and sharing your data.​
  • Increase research visibility. Increase scholarly recognition for your work beyond your research publications.​
  • Meet grant requirements. Many funding agencies now require that researchers deposit data which is collected as part of their research project into an archive. Source: From Scholars Portal. (n.d.). Scholars Portal Dataverse. https://learn.scholarsportal.info/all-guides/dataverse/#Why-use-Dataverse

When is Dataverse not suitable for use?

UWinnipeg Dataverse is a general repository meaning it is suitable for all of the disciplines, and as such, accepts all file formats.

There are a few instances when UWinnipeg Dataverse will not be suitable for use:

  1. UWinnipeg Dataverse has an individual file upload limit of 2.5 Gigabytes. This means Dataverse is not suitable for datasets containing large data files. An alternative option is the The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) a national data repository that does not limit file sizes.
  2. UWinnipeg Dataverse does accept data that could directly or indirectly identify subjects except where the release of such identifying information has no potential for constituting an unwarranted invasion of privacy and/or breach of confidentiality. All personally-identifiable information in the data must meet one of the conditions outlined in Scholars Portal Dataverse Terms of Use.
  3. Funders or publishers may require you to house your data in a subject or domain repository. In these instances, you may still use Dataverse to house a copy of your data for the purpose of ensuring effective sharing/discovery of your data. Source: Adapted from Brandon University's Data Services Research Guide. (n.d.). https://libguides.brandonu.ca/c.php?g=722307&p=5179271