RDM Data Sharing and Preservation


What are options for preservation, retention, & sharing?

Digital Data Formats

The University of Winnipeg Library currently has limited resources for the long term preservation of research data. There are national and disciplinary options. You are welcome to deposit data in more than one location - Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe!

  • WinnSpace, the University of Winnipeg institutional repository, is able to handle most file formats, with individual file sizes up to 1 GB.  

WinnSpace has long-term preservation and access commitments, robust metadata capabilities, is able to provide DOIs, and is indexed on the web, allowing for discoverability. Batch uploads are an option. WinnSpace does have embargo options, for delayed release of datasets.

However, there are no built in viewers for images, video, etc, meaning use of these data types requires downloads.  If you are submitting materials to WinnSpace for public use, please ensure you have followed best practices for ensuring anonymity and other ethical considerations.

Physical Data Formats

The University of Winnipeg Archives currently has limited resources for the long term preservation of physical data. If you require physical storage of data assets, please contact the Archives directly prior to submitting your proposal.


If you share your data, you should track their impact!

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