Study Spaces and Room Bookings


In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, the library is currently closed to all visitors and study rooms are inaccessible. 



The Library has a wide range of facilities to accommodate students, faculty, and community members.

The University of Winnipeg Library allows the consumption of food and beverages within reason and in most public areas of the Library.  However, food and beverages of any kind are prohibited at the Library's computers.

Reference Room Computers

Use one of the five Express Computers for short term work (limited use up to five minutes). Use one or two multimedia/accessibility or 22 general use computers near the Reference Desk, for research and writing papers.

John R. Pitcairn Learning Commons

Visit the John R. Pitcairn Learning Commons, which is a multipurpose learning space designed to accommodate the diverse needs of today's students. Check the Library Calendar to see when classes may be booked in this area.

Group Study Rooms

Book one of two group study rooms located on the fourth floor of the Library for small group work.

Computers on the Fifth Floor

Use one of ten computers on the fifth floor.

Study Mezzanines

Study on one our five mezzanines.

Stimpson Media Gallery

Visit the Stimpson Media Gallery, which provides an informal meeting place with a TV just outside the main entrance of the Library.

Bernice's Reading Room

Study or slumber in the quiet space of Bernice's Reading Room. Check the Library Calendar to see when events may be booked in this area.