Library Spaces


Use of any library space, including a Group Study Room, is subject to all Unviersity policies that apply on campus, including, but not limited to the Respectful Working and Learning Environment PolicySexual Violence Prevention Policies, and the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy.

Find out more about the amenities available and the expectations for each area of the library:

Book a Group Study Room

Book a study room for your next project or class. Rooms each include a projector and can accomodate up to 12 people.

Accessibility in the Library

The Library is dedicated to improving access to collections, spaces, and services. Find out what is available and how to request support.

Computer Workstations and Equipment

62 desktop computers are avaiable throughout different parts of the library; printing is available from any of these workstations.

Library Sound Zones

The library is divided into three sound zones with a variety of furniture options. Know your zone.