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Changes Coming to Kanopy

Thu. Aug. 1, 2019

The Library’s Kanopy holdings will change over the next month as collections that are in some part available on another service are removed or migrated. One such collection will be the Criterion/Janus Film Collection, which will now be available through a Criterion On-Demand subscription. For this resource we will require log in credentials to be used on-campus.

Kanopy is a “patron-driven acquisition” (PDA) resource, which means that costs are incurred on a per-use basis; leases are “triggered” after 30 seconds of viewing. The streaming service has been very popular since launch, and costs have risen sharply. Content adjustments will be ongoing as the library identifies overlap and acquires sustainable access to content that is triggered frequently.

Professors and Instructors are encouraged to continue using the resource as needed for teaching and research. If you have questions or concerns, or would like to suggest a title for lease, please send an email to acquisitions@uwinnipeg.ca.

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