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Fair Dealing Week 2022

Thu. Feb. 17, 2022

To mark this year's Fair Dealing Week, February 21-25, the Copyright Office brings you a short & sweet video breaking down why you should care about fair dealing!

In addition, there are several free online events happening at Canadian institutions for anyone interested in learning more:

On Tuesday, February 22 at 1pm (EST) Professor Lucie Guibault will be presenting "Fair Dealing in Education: The Students' Perspective".  This event is being hosted by the Council of Atlantic University Libraries.  Register.

On Wednesday, February 23 at 1pm (EST) Dr. Carys Craig will present "Best Practices for OER in Canada: A Fresh Look at Fair Dealing for Educational Use". 

Also on Wednesday, Dr. Meera Nair will present "Fair Dealing's Future -- Artificial Intelligence or Willfull Ignorance?" at 3pm (EST).  

Wednesday's events are both being hosted by the Lower Mainland Consortium and the Alberta Consortium. Register for either event.  

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