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Getting Started? Try YouTube

Wed. Feb. 2, 2022

Did you know the Library is on YouTube? Many of our videos are aimed at undergraduate students looking to learn more about using the library and doing their research assignments. They are also useful for professors who want to highlight these topics in their courses.

See the links below or visit our YouTube channel for more. You can also follow us on Twitter or Instagram for timely updates, tips, and new content as it becomes available. 

Ready, Set, Go
A series designed to help understand research assignments, identify and find academic sources, and create citations.

Understanding the Scholarly Article
Learn more about peer review, how to tell peer-reviewed articles from other sources, and the role of theory in terms of the topics, purpose and methods used in scholarly research.

Academic Integrity
Understand academic integrity and plagiarism at UWinnipeg, with guidance on using other people's ideas in research papers and assignments.

Using Google Scholar
Many people Google Scholar to find sources for their work. This video highlights key considerations and useful features for getting the most out of Google Scholar.

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