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Getting to the Library

The library is situated on the 4th and 5th floors of Centennial Hall. The most common access point is through the south entrance of Centennial Hall near the security booth. Take the escalators or elevator up to the 4th floor and follow the signs that point to the Library. View our accessibility section for more information about library spaces and physical mobility.

Building Access

Access to Centennial Hall and all attached buildings is managed by campus security, not the library. The level of public access may vary depending on the time of day, academic term, or public health policies currently in place. 

Make sure to bring your valid University ID to avoid any issues accessing campus.

Alumni, Guest, and Visiting Researchers

Campus is open to the public 8AM-6PM, Monday-Friday. Access to the library outside these hours is by appointment only: guests who are not affiliated with the University must book an appointment using our visitor request form.

Health and Safety

Health Policies

On-campus visitors are required to comply with all applicable University policies. Please refer to the University's Health and Safety page for more information.

Safety and Security

The library is a big, complex space split between two floors and mezzanine areas. Many areas - in particular, the 5th floor stacks and study spaces - are far from staffed service points. Contact our staff before or when you arrive if you have questions, concerns, or need assistance.


In case of an emergency, contact campus security directly at 204.786.6666. You may also download the UW Safe App in advance for notifications, contact information, and quick access to services like Safe Walk/Ride.

Respectful Behaviour

Use of library spaces, equipment, and services is subject to all University policies that apply on campus. This includes, but is not limited to the UWinnipeg Respectful  EnvironmentSexual Violence Prevention Policy, and Information Technology Use policies. 

Disrespectful or disruptive behaviour toward library users or staff will result in removal from the library and possibly campus grounds.

Food and Beverages

Food and lidded beverages are allowed in the library. Please keep your area clean and report any spills to the library staff.

Floorplans, Maps and Sound Zones

Service points and most computer labs are located on the 4th floor; the majority of books and quiet areas are on the 5th floor. See our accessibility page for more information about mobility and library access. Staff are happy to help you navigate the space - just ask!

Library Floor Plans

Campus Maps

For more information about campus layout, accessibility, and parking, visit the University's campus maps page. The Library is located within Centennial Hall, which is labeled "C" on the campus map documents.

Sound Zones

The 5th floor is divided into three noise zones to ensure students can find a study environment that suits their needs. Want to study amongst friends?  The area at the top of the spiral stairs is our Collaborative Zone and will be perfect for you. Are you the type that doesn't’t mind a little background buzz? The Quiet Zone is a whispers-only individual study space. Need absolute silence? Venture deeper into the Library to find our Silent Zone. Use the link below to download a map of the 5th floor sound zones:

Sound Zones [PNG View/Download]

Library Help Chat