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Kanopy Subscription Changes

Thu. Jan. 30, 2020

The Library will be changing video activation for the Kanopy streaming video platform this spring. Currently, Kanopy video leases are automatically “triggered” after 30 seconds of viewing, which means that costs are incurred on per-use basis. After a pilot year of monitoring, adjusting access, and negotiating alternatives for frequently triggered content (such the Criterion Collection), this model continues to be unsustainable. In addition, users have reported a number of software and hardware problems when using the service in campus classrooms; a mediated model will help the Library anticipate and report these issues moving forward.

After the current Kanopy fund pool is expired (or April 1st - whichever comes first) Instructors and Professors will need to request Kanopy video licenses through their subject librarian. This follows the same practice as requesting other library materials, such as books, DVDs, journals, or other media. Access can be requested at any time. Course instructors using the Syllabus Service are encouraged to include Kanopy streaming licenses with their submission(s).

Questions about this issue should be directed to your subject librarian.

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