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Publication, Open Access, and Grants

We offer services and expertise on Open Access, assessing journal publishers, meeting grant requirements, and understanding your rights as a scholarly creator.

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Selecting a Publishing Venue

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a publisher, such as editorial practice, publishing timeline, and audience. Find out how to avoid predatory practices and find the right place to distribute your work. 

Tri-Agency Requirements

To ensure public access to publicly-funded research, the Tri-Agency granting institutions have developed a cooperative Open Access Policy. Find out how to meet these guidelines.

Author's Rights, Copyright, and Publication Agreements

Explore your rights as an academic creator, and find out more about how to ensure your intellectual property is protected.

More on Author's Rights

Understanding Open Access Models

What is open access? What are the benefits? Learn more about Open Access publishing models and venues for making your work freely available.

Explore Open Access Models

Open Education Resources and Textbooks

There are a wealth of freely available scholarly materials available for both teaching and research. Find out more about these resources and how to create your own.

Explore Open Educational Resources

Learn More About Copyright

Copyright touches on every aspect of UWinnipeg's teaching and research portfolio. The Copyright Office offers guidance and documentation to help educate the campus community.

Visit the Copyright Office Website

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