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Help with Research

As well as providing access to books and articles, the Library offers assistance and expertise with how to plan, perform, and present your research. We are happy to offer both staff-assisted and self-guided options depending on your needs.

On this page:

Research Guides

Created by Librarians, our Research Guides provide useful and popular resources for academic subject areas and faculty research specialities. You can browse by format, subject, or Librarian.  

Talk to Someone

There are a number of ways to get assistance. Our online chat service connects you to a real, live, Library human who can answer most questions. You can also schedule an appointment, email, or phone us.

Tutorials, Videos, and Workshops

We offer textual, video, and in-person content that covers understanding, planning, and performing academic research.

Citation and Reference Tools

Learn more about citation styles, reference management software, and strategies to help track and cite academic sources.

Library Help Chat