Borrowing, Renewing, and Requesting Material



Borrowing Periods

Material Type Faculty, Staff,
or Grad Student
UW Student Special Borrower
Books 120 days 30 days 30 days
Bound Periodicals 3 days 3 days 3 days
Multimedia Material 7 days Variable Variable
Course Reserve Material Variable Variable No Loan
InterLibrary Loan Material 14 days 14 days No Loan


There are two ways you can renew books:

You can log in to your MyLibrary account using your barcode and pin. Once you are logged in, simply check the box beside the book(s) you would like to renew and click "renew selected". If you would like to renew all your books, click "renew all". Please keep in mind you can renew your books online only twice. If you need to renew more than twice you can call the circulation desk at 786-9808, and a circulation staff member will be happy to assist you, unless any one of your books has been recalled. There are no renewals on recalled items.

Recalling a Book

If a book has already been signed out to another user, you can have it recalled by clicking on the "Recall this Item" link on the top of the book's page in our online catalogue. When a book you have signed out is recalled you will receive notification in your student or faculty email. A book can be recalled any time after you sign it out. Once you receive notification of the recall you will have one week to return the book.

Late Fees

Material Type Late Fee
Books 50¢/day ($15 max), +$1/day for recalled items
Bound Periodicals $1/day ($15 max)
Multimedia Material Hourly loans: $1/hour ($20 max)
Daily loans: $2/day ($20 max)
Course Reserve Material 50¢/hour ($25 max)
InterLibrary Loan Material $1/day (no max)

If you are looking for information on InterLibrary Loans, please visit Books from Other Libraries.

If you would like to request a book be purchased for the University of Winnipeg Library, please Suggest a Purchase or contact your Subject Librarian.