Tutorials, Videos, and Workshops

We have a number of self-guided tutorials and videos for those who are looking to learn more about using the library and performing research. You can also find information below on our workshops, and download quick guides to some of the services available at the Library.

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Self-Guided Tutorials and Videos

Get started with the Introduction to the Library Tutorial. Then expand your knowledge by selecting a topic below. Each link contains options for both textual and video content, and each can be covered either in sequence or on its own.

Introduction to the Library Tutorial: Learn the basics of Library research at UWinnipeg: how to find materials online, borrow books, and get help when you need it.

Understanding Research Assignments Learn how to quickly analyze your assignment requirements and start building a great paper early.

Searching for Sources: Learn to conduct thoughtful searches, so you can find those 3-5 journal academic sources that your paper requires.

Finding Scholarly Sources: Strategies for identifying scholarly and academic sources, so you know you're using credible information in your paper.

Citing and Referencing Sources: Covers the principles of citing and referencing sources, so that you can be sure you're doing honest work.


Ready, Set, Go Workshops: We typically offer the Ready, Set, Go series at the beginning of the fall and winter terms. These workshops are for undergraduate students and the content is very similar to the tutorial topics listed above, with the opportunity to ask questions in-person. Due to COVID-19, we will not be offering these workshops for the time being. You can still get in-person assistance through our online chat service, making an appointment, or visiting the library.

Research Data Management (RDM) Support for the Creative Arts and HumanitiesIs your research focused on artistic or creative practices, anthropology, history, historic or cultural geography, languages, linguistics, literatures, philosophy, religion, or the study of texts or images? Join us for Research Data Management (RDM) Support for the Creative Arts and Humanities, a workshop series that will introduce creative arts and humanities scholars to information, tools and resources designed to help you prepare for the ever-evolving RDM policy landscape, and for managing your data day-to-day.  

Indigenous Data Management: Indigenous Sovereignty in Action: This webinar series, hosted by Kishaadigeh, (The Manitoba Network Environments for Indigenous Health Research) brings together expert speakers to share their knowledge in developing and enhancing Indigenous data management plans, including skills and best practices in Indigenous data storage, metadata, preservation, and access.

Downloadable Content

Below are Library-related tutorials and presentations that can be added as part of a Nexus course, shared, or printed for offline use. These are organized by topic, with download links for available formats below.

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