Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning


The library and its associated computer labs provide self-serve printing, photocopying and scanning.  These services are part of the campus-wide Equitrac system. Students and faculty and staff members are issued user accounts for accessing the equipment.

Guest users will receive a temporary Equitrac account when they apply for a temporary computer user account.  The library also has one coin-operated photocopier.

Money can be deposited to Equitrac accounts at pay stations located on the fourth floor of the library and in the Uplink Computer Common.  When you log in to printers/photocopiers with your user account to release your print jobs or make photocopies, applicable charges will be debited. There is no charge for scanning.

Students should use the Equitrac Request form to report problems regarding their Equitrac account.

Equipment locations and capabilities

Library, Near Circulation Desk:

  • one printer/photocopier/scanner capable of both colour and black & white reproduction
  • one black & white printer/photocopier/scanner
  • one coin-operated black & white photocopier

Library, At Reference Desk:

  • one black & white printer 

Library, Fifth Floor:

  • one printer/photocopier/scanner capable of both colour and black & white reproduction

Archives, Fifth Floor:

  • one black & white printer/photocopier/scanner


Letter Size
(8 ½"x11")
Legal Size
(8 ½"x14")
Ledger Size
Black & white double-sided page: 10 ½ cents per side 11 cents per side 22 ½ cents per side
Black & white single-sided page: 11 cents 12 cents 24 cents
Colour double-sided page: 44 ½ cents per side 45 ½ cents per side 90 ½ cents per side
Colour single-sided page: 45 cents 46 cents 93 cents
Coin-operated photocopier: 15 cents per side
Scanning: no charge

The default setting for this equipment is double-sided printing/photocopying. For further assistance, please see a library staff member.