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Library Accessibility

Built in 1972, the Library is located on the upper floors of Centennial Hall and contains a number of mobility and wayfinding challenges. We strive to resolve or mitigate these issues whenever possible; where a Library building, furniture, or service restricts access of any kind, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.

Physical Accessibility & What to Expect

The Library entrance is on the fourth floor of Centennial Hall, 515 Portage Avenue. Elevators to the fourth floor are available on the street level.

The Library 4th floor is a busy, loud, and collaborative lab area where most public service staff access points are located. Accessible workstations, print stations, and study rooms are all located on the 4th floor. Staff are happy to help you locate and use these accommodations. 

The 5th floor is where the main stacks, quiet, and silent study spaces are located; access is available via an elevator on the 4th floor. While the majority of the 5th floor is accessible persons in a wheelchair, some stacks will be too narrow, and tables/carrels on this floor are not height-adjustable. In addition, much of our quiet space is located in 5th floor mezzanine levels with stair-only access.

We have equipped an Accessible Quiet Study Room (see below) on the 4th floor for those who cannot access the 5th floor quiet areas. Staff can help you locate this room when you arrive.

Accessible Quiet Study Room

The purpose of this room is to provide equitable quiet study space in the library for students who are unable to utilize the quiet space on the 5th floor. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and students are not required to be registered with accessibility services in order to use it. Please review the full policy and rules prior to using the room.

Workstations, Printing, and Adaptive Equipment

A wheelchair-accessible printer is available on the fourth floor, where access workstations for persons in wheelchairs or mobility devices are also available for quick catalogue access and printing jobs.

Two multimedia workstations with Adaptive Technology are available on a priority basis in the Reference area on the fourth floor. The following technology is available for each:

  • JAWS Screen reader
  • 2 adjustable monitors
  • Height adjustable tables with digital controls
  • ABBYY Finereader: Scan any document for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion