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Library Proxy Server

The library proxy server provides access to the library's subscription resources for off-campus users.

What is the library proxy server?

The library proxy server (https://uwinnipeg.idm.oclc.org) provides off-campus or remote access to subscription resources.

The library subscribes to many resources, such as databases, online journals, and electronic books, for the benefit of University of Winnipeg faculty, students, and staff.

Typically these subscription resources can be accessed from any computer on the University of Winnipeg network, without needing to authenticate with the proxy.

Who can use the library proxy?

Any member of the University of Winnipeg community (faculty, student or staff member) who connects to the internet from an off-campus location or a non-university

How do I access library resources from off-campus?

To connect to and search University of Winnipeg library online resources from your home or another off-campus location, you must log into the proxy server with your campus username and password (Windows Active Directory or Webadvisor or Nexus).

Best results for accessing licensed resources from off-campus, can be achieved by navigating through the University of Winnipeg library's website or other library web resources (e.g. library catalogue, LibGuides) that include proxy prefixed links for licensed resources (i.e. links starting with https://uwinnipeg.idm.oclc.org/login?url=).

Although the library does not subscribe to all resources found in Google Scholar, it is advisable to configure Google Scholar to save your library credentials before using that platform.

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