Special Collections


Archives and Records Centre

Located on the fifth floor of the Library, next to the elevator in Room 5C02, the Archives preserves and provides access to the documentary heritage of the University of Winnipeg, as well as the records of individuals and associations including Lloyd Axworthy, the Congress of Black Women - Winnipeg Chapter, and the Western Canada Pictorial Index.

United Church Archives

fifth floor

This Archive, open by appointment only, consists of materials generated by the United Church of Canada from its founding in 1925, as well as most of those emanating from the Manitoba conferences of its precursors, the Presbyterian, Methodist, and Congregational churches, from 1870 to 1925. Also housed here are papers by such church-connected figures as Andrew Baird (1877-1941). The location of the Archives on campus reflects the University's church heritage. The two founding colleges, Manitoba and Wesley, were established by the Presbyterian and Methodist churches, respectively, in the late nineteenth century.

Eckhardt Gramatté Library

Bryce Hall

Children's Picture Book Collection

Edith May and Margaret Graham Children's Picture Book Collection, fifth floor

Margaret Graham (1909-1992), the dedicated Associate Librarian who served some 40 years from 1933 to 1971, is said to have voluntarily forfeited her salary during the Depression. She and her mother Edith committed their estates toward the establishment of a trust fund for the purchase of materials in history and literature. This ongoing collection of picture books, founded in 1996, is one of the results. It is non-circulating.

Wanka Collection

fifth floor (in Special Collections room)

These items reflect the late Wilhelm Wanka's interest in the fate of the Germans who, after World War II, were expelled from what was known as the Sudetenland, located in the northeast part of Czechoslovakia. For Willi Wanka (1910-1992) the Sudeten question never lost its importance, although he became a Canadian citizen in 1946 and came to regard Canada as his home. The Wanka Collection, donated to the University in 1994, is a valuable source of information on the history of the Sudeten Germans, their activities since World War II, and the issues and controversies which have divided them. The Wanka Colection consists of two parts, shelved separately:

East European Genealogical Society Collection

East European Genealogical Society (E.E.G.S.) Collection, fifth floor (in Special Collections room)

This ongoing collection was established in an advantageous agreement struck in 1996 with the Eastern European Genealogical Society, Inc, whereby the University agrees to house all materials and the Society covers cataloguing and housing costs. Not strictly devoted to family history, the collection also contains valuable gazetteers, maps, and monographs relating to Slavic, Baltic, and Germanic history and ethnography. A detailed list of the holdings is available online.